20 ways to live a minimalist life in the new year

20 ways to live a minimalist life in the new year

Minimalism is not only a spiritual redemption, but also the best kind treatment to yourself.


I have heard a very interesting "Sanqi Rule":

70% of the functions of a mobile phone are useless;

A house, 70% of the space is idle;

70% of the things in the house will not be used again.

have you found that most of the time we are unhappy because we are always running for the insignificant 70%, but miss the most important 30%.

2022, it's time to clean up your life.

I summed up 20 ways to live a minimalist life. Let's get rid of the burden and start light.


material is very simple and light.

do you think that our generation is getting more and more tired?

simple clothing, food, housing and transportation are constantly packaged and publicized, and people's desires also expand.

there are more and more useless things in the house, which makes people upset and tired.

if you want to live an easy life in the new year, you have to start with subtraction.

clean up regularly and tidy up easily

do a thorough cleaning at home every half month.

clothes that haven't been worn for years, out-of-date food and cosmetics, balconies and cabinets.

you don't want to throw anything away and talk about quality of life.

form the good habit of arranging easily, headphones, data cables, and remember things in place after use;

bags, instructions, and useless little things are thrown away.

Don't buy anything that will increase your workload

for example, clothes and shoes that require effort and time to serve, use small appliances that are brushed for half a year and brushed for half a year.

money is spent for the convenience of life, not to put a burden on yourself.

pay attention to quality and use it repeatedly

take clothes, for example, the classic style is a variety of sharp weapons, black, white and gray will never be out of date.

the trend is changing every minute, and quality is always more valuable than quantity.

the significance of a treadmill that falls ash at once cannot be compared with that of running shoes that have been worn for three years.

constant use is the best respect for objects.

always remember: the protagonist of life is not anything, but yourself

the most expensive decoration of a home should be bright windows, laughter and laughter.

A person's best clothes are always refreshing appearance and full of spirit.


minimalist energy, focus on yourself

I believe many people have this experience:

look at a lot of information every day, but there is little that is really useful and can be remembered.

ask yourself, how long has it been since you calmed down and thought?

learn to be minimalist so as not to be a captive of junk happiness.

keep only the most frequently used software

there are hundreds of mobile apps, but how much do you really need?

think about it, but it's just chat, shopping and work.

the attention and pursuit of gossip hotspots is meaningless except a waste of time.

from now on, try to keep only the most frequently used software.

turning your heart off is the highest level of self-discipline for adults.

spend your time browsing on your phone to invest in yourself

if you listen to boasting on the Internet, you might as well take the time to read some classics.

always envy others for being beautiful, so it's better to study how to make money by yourself.

if you have a collection of fitness videos, you might as well exercise for half an hour every day.

believe me, there is always a more advanced substitute for the happiness you want.


emotional minimalism, stop internal friction

pondering over other people's opinions, tangling with one thing, and serious self-doubt.

in the past, you must have been awake and tired all night because of mental friction.

learn to be emotionally minimalist in order to let yourself go.

embrace your imperfections

people with serious internal friction tend to feel that they are not good enough and like to compete with themselves.

in fact, there is no absolutely perfect person in the world.

Ten fingers are long and trees are high and low.

learn to make peace with yourself in order to be the master of emotions.

clear your mind with exercise

there is a term in psychology called physical and mental calibration.

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Yoga and meditation can dispel impetuosity; running and brisk walking can vent your troubles.

only by replenishing mental energy in time can we get rid of the pain and fatigue caused by internal friction.

heal the heart with action

Life is not like cooking, you can't wait until the ingredients are ready.

if you spend one more second on emotional tearing, you will lose one second to solve the problem.

it is often action that defeats entanglement and hesitation.

Dance with the uncertainty of life

Luo Xiang has a saying that I like very much: "be cautious about things that are controllable, and be optimistic about things that are uncontrollable."

Life is a war without gunpowder smoke. To grow up is to learn to accept, change and let go.

the highest state of emotional minimalism is to let nature take its course.

things come to adapt, and only when there is no worry in the future will internal friction really stop.


Financial minimalism, control of life

ask yourself a few questions first:

how much have you earned and saved in the past year? What is the biggest expenditure?

if you lose your income now, how long will your money last at most?

I believe that many people may not be able to give a clear answer soon.

hard-working, lavish spending and bewilderment are the living conditions of too many people.

in the new year, it's time to put financial minimalism on the agenda.

stick to bookkeeping and check the financial status on a regular basis

in terms of practical, no matter how complicated the financial plan is, it is not as good as a small ledger.

take a few minutes every day to record how much you have earned, where you spend it, and what the surplus is.

do a general inventory every six months, with a scale in your heart, your life will be more organized and confident.

minimally consume, spend money on the edge

always remember two consumption principles:

invest in yourself, be kind to your family, and be unambiguous when it's time to spend money.

on the spur of the moment, blindly keep up with the comparisons, and never spend extravagantly where you should not spend.

to a certain age, making money is like digging the ground with needles and spending like watering sand.

the ultimate essence of financial minimalism is that money must be used in the most important places.


the relationship is very simple, purifying the circle

in the past three hundred days, have you suddenly seen a person clearly because of trifles?

have you ever felt inexplicably tired after a lively party?

do you always please others, but forget to be kind to yourself?

2022, those ineffective social and laborious relationships should come to an end.

those who consume you, refuse

if you don't want to go to the wine bureau, push it if you can; if you don't want to help, refuse it.

you are always so talkative, and who can understand you?

the relationship of low quality should be broken

the wine in the middle of the night is never as good as the porridge in the morning.

settling down your family and managing your day are more important than anything else.

try to be alone for 3 to 4 hours a week

the world is disturbed one after another, and getting along with yourself is a necessary practice for everyone.

whether it's reading a book or listening to a song, or thinking about something or staying for a while.

when you are alone, you are the quietest and freest.


goal is very simple, start again

Reading, losing weight, studying, textual research.

there was a lot of Flag at the beginning of the year, but almost nothing was done at the end of the year. Is this a true portrayal of the lives of many people?

A life without a plan is like a headless fly, but having too many goals will only make people scramble.

learn to simplify your goals so that the life you want can come to you.

only do one or two of the most important things every year

everyone wants to be thin, beautiful, knowledgeable and rich.

but each person has only one pair of hands and two eyes, only 24 hours in a day and 30 days in a month.

plan to do only one or two of the most important things a year, breaking everything down into small stages.

you will find that execution is not as difficult as you think.

focus on it for at least one hour a day

set the goal, and the next step is to stay focused as much as possible.

set aside a certain period of time each day to complete specific activities, such as after work and before going to bed.

once you get started, don't be disturbed by other unimportant things.

rules and habits make everything easier.


simple expression, self-cultivation

in the past year, you must have experienced some pain in speaking.

maybe it's a futile communication, maybe it's some repentant argument.

in the new year, if you want to live a simple life, start with minimalist expression.

to be frank, it can not only improve efficiency, but also avoid trouble.

Don't chat, don't talk, don't judge lightly, don't talk deeply.

when you start to talk less, you will find that life is getting better and better.


the mood is very simple, learn to be pessimistic

most of the time, it is not that the world is complicated and thorny, but that people think too much.

I can't let go of the past for a long time and magnify the little things in front of me infinitely.

when it comes to the future, it is always full of anxiety.

learn to be bearish, and the troubles will disappear.

empty your heart so that you can free your hand to embrace tomorrow.

if you are simple, life will become simple.


minimalist, it's a habit

minimalism is not an end, but a tool.

it can help us get rid of the unimportant things and pursue the life we really want.

whether it's small things like dressing, eating, talking, or big choices in work and life.